1 Day





At home in the future

Our world is constantly changing, the only certain thing is the uncertain.
Disruptive Elements can change industries overnight und challenge us in
unknown ways. But they can also show us new possibilities.

For that, humans need orientation. What will the jobs of tomorrow look like?
We can't possibly know. What we do know: loyal employees are important. Employees who
pull together with the management, that live by shared values and goals.

The way a company develops on the market is defined by the customers, a close
contact with the customer and the involved employees is of paramount importance.
How can employees be motivated to give everything for the company?
There are countless statistics and analyses on that subject. But actual solutions
and concrete steps? Well, that is where we come in.

1 day, 1 place, 1 team. And the move towards the future.
Let's build tomorrow. Today.

What is it about?

It is about establishing an emotional bond between employees and the company.
How does that work? You developed your communication tools, your
corporate film is ready, your values and vision have been defined. You have printed
your message onto glossy posters, people are aware of it. However, there is
more to do. You have to go one step beyond and change your culture from within,
through your employees.

That way your message can be anchored, that way you all go in the same direction,
that way you create a movement. Smart and inspired. There is no stronger force
than people who are activated. From within, honest and genuinely. Because they believe
in themselves. All together.

With us, you will be able to touch your workforce emotionally within one day.
Together we lay the foundation of this deep emotional bond that ensures
sustained success for your company.

Contact us, we are ready. Are you?

When is it time for
THE Big Move?


Your organisation is undergoing a change process

You need to implicate a strategic goal but don't know how

Mergers & acquisitions are planned

Your organisation has an intercultural focus

There are management changes

You wish for an efficient and effective communication
between workforce and management

Your organisation has been bought up and
there are cultural changes to adapt to

A reorientation is planned

Your teams are composed interdisciplinary and
internationally, there is little time for exchange and plans
have to be understood and internalised quickly

Three steps to success:

  • 1.You define subject and goal
  • 2.We sketch out the path
  • 3.Together we shape tomorrow

Your benefits

  • Your strategy is implemented
  • Your workforce is gathered
  • Your goals are within range

Your Venue:

With spaces from 170 up to 1400m2 Trafo Baden is a large place
and at the same time it is not too anonymous: In addition to a spacious hall
where the main activities can take place, it offers adjoining rooms where
teams can exchange views in a more personal context. Room for inspiration
meets space to think.

Your Consulting Partner:

Brandsoul is the only consulting company in Switzerland
that masters the implementation of strategies and values, and enables
the transformation of cultures in order to activate people for
a specific cause. The consulting company builds bridges between company,
strategy and implementation for actions that can be experienced
and emotionally understood.


Do you have questions?
Contact us or order a sample programme.

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